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High Efficiency Comfort

Buderus Indirect Domestic Water Heaters

Buderus patented Thermoglaze is a ceramic material which is thermally bonded to the internal components of the tank to provide a glass-like coating. This unique coating protects against the corrosive affects of minerals that naturally appear in water, maximizing the life of the tank, while minimizing the number of service calls. Constructed of the highest quality materials, including the Thermoglaze coating on all the interior surfaces, Buderus tanks also have excellent insulation resulting in less than a 1/2dF loss of heat per hour. The larger surface area of the heat exchanger in a Buderus tank delivers excellent recovery rates.

  • Large surface area heat exchanger for excellent recovery rates
  • Corrosion Protection - the Buderus Thermoglaze process protects the interior of the tank from corrosion caused by most types of water
  • Easy access cover for cleaning of coil and tank interior
  • Horizontal tanks for small footprint, vertical tanks for improved recovery rates
  • All tanks include a P&T valve and drain for quick installation
  • Adjustable screw-on feet for leveling

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Model IDModel NameContinuous Rating
@90° dT MBtuH
Continuous Rating
@90° dT GPH
Water Cap.
DHW Inlet /
Outlet Size
Boiler Inlet /
Outlet Size
1941LT16093.01244225.75x25.75x36.251.25 / 11220
1942LT200109.01455325.75x25.75x42.51.25 / 11246
1943LT300161.01947925.75x25.75x57.751.25 / 11363
1944S120116.01553237x20x20.75 / .751158
1945ST150119.01594034..6x27.25x27.251.25 / 11238
1946ST200149.01995342.3x27.25x27.251.25 / 11286
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Indirect Water Heaters in Residential Settings
  • All Other Parts - One Year